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Open Protected Ridge System

Good ventilation of Livestock buildings is essential for animal well-being and productivity.  United Roofing Products manufacture a metal ventilating ridge system to provide good ventilation at the ridge and when combined with VENTAIR side cladding creates an excellent environment for all livestock.  It can be designed into new build constructions or easily and economically installed onto existing roofs, whatever the roofing material.  Minimum recommended roof pitch is 8 degrees.

The VENTRIDGE SYSTEM consists of 3 different elements, plus its fixings (see pictures to the right).

•  Creates an efficient airflow
•  Drains the rainwater away from both sides
•  Tailored to suit any building
•  Lightweight
•  Pre-drilled and complete with all components


The air gap of the ridge and adequate side ventilation are critical factors for good airflow.  The side cladding must allow at least as much air in as the ridge can evacuate.  The clear ridge gap is determined by the number and size of the animals being housed in the building.  Professional advice should be sought at design stage.


Each 3m side panel should be fixed to the roof sheets with 2 fixings at 500mm centres (overlapping each other by 150mm) at the appropriate distance from the end of the roof sheets, check that they are the correct distance apart for the capping straps ordered.  If the roof sheets are metal and in good condition, it is adequate to use stitching screws into the sheets.  If Fibre Cement roof, consult the manufacturer as good practice would be to fix through the FC to the top purlin with topfix fasteners.

Using stitching screws, fix the capping straps to each side panel through the pre-drilled holes (drill additional if necessary), ensure the end straps will allow the capping piece to be overlapped and securely supported.  Finally stitch the capping piece centrally onto each strap with 1 fixing each side.


The system can be purchased through your local farm building supplier, merchant or directly from us.  The Ridge System comes complete with all fixings and the straps and capping are pre-drilled.  (If the roof is Fibre Cement please advise the type of
fixing required).

Specify the finish required, the overall length of the ridgeline, the width of the gap between the sheets and the effective length of the support straps and United Roofing Products will do the rest.